Hellebore: The Goblet

The cup is made from 48 pieces of cane, glass stretched to1/3 of the diameter of a pencil. Twenty-four pieces are laid next to each other and heat to 1225F. When ready they are rolled up into a tube on a blowpipe, twisted clockwise, made into a cup then it's kept ready at 1025F .
The process is repeated, but this time we twist the cane counterclockwise.
Next we take out the first cup, place it on the floor and very carefully put the glass on the pipe inside the cup on the floor and give it a light puff of air.The two cups become one, making the square pattern and trapping a small bubble of air in the center of each square. The shape is blown, the white lip wrap is added, then kept warm until needed.
The foot is made the same way.

The whole picture.