Hellebore Glass Studio: The Gallery of Work

Hellebore Glass Studio

Gallery of Hand Blown Glass

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"Fruit Bowl" Fruit Bowl with hand blown fruit, 10" dia. x 7" ht. $350.00

"Serpent Goblet" Reticello Goblet with Serpent stem, 9" in ht. $975.00

"Laticino Vase" Laticino Vase with matching blown foot, black lip and foot rap with handles 9" in ht. $350.00

"Handled Vase" Vase with handles, blown foot , with lip and foot rap, 12" in ht. $295.00

"Cone" Cone with blown foot,lip and foot rap, 11" in ht. $195.00

"Goblets" Assorted goblets, 7" to 9" in ht. $175.00 &up

"Incalmo Vase" Two color vase with matching blown foot and black lip rap, 10" in ht. $295.00

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